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September 4, 2008

IR35 Defeat In High Court

An appeal case involving a Special Commissioners decision against an IT contractor has been heard in the High Court with the decision upholding the earlier ruling.

July 23, 2008

Government Crackdown On Travel Expenses

The Government has begun its crackdown on what it views as 'widespread abuse' of travel expenses by some umbrella companies and employment agencies.



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Worker Status Review

The Inland Revenue are focusing on worker status issues. You may find you have groups of workers who have gained additional rights - Omega2 has an experienced team of specialists with industry leading experience in assessing and managing the associated risks - call us now on 0854 25 77 020

  1. Worker analysis

  2. SAP system review

  3. On-site Interview

  4. Board Level Risk Reports

  5. Company Reviews

  6. Board Level Risk Management Training

  7. Manager Training - both on-site and remote options

  8. Interface with Suppliers

  9. Review Temporary Worker Companies - to verify current validity

It is rare for companies to have time to carry out sufficient reviews of their own processes in order to ascertain if they are meeting best practice. In many cases the differing objectives of internal departments can be difficult to reconcile, however, it is important that current legislation is being observed. This is even more important for listed companies who have a responsibility to their shareholders to report accurately the position of the company.

In addition, due to changes in annual leave rules from 1st October 2007, you can use our bespoke annual leave calculator


Expert Guides

To help clarify certain questions that are often asked by workers and employers alike, Omega2 have begun a series of expert guides on various aspects of employment law in the UK.

The 24 Month Rule

The Claming of Expenses

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