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September 4, 2008

IR35 Defeat In High Court

An appeal case involving a Special Commissioners decision against an IT contractor has been heard in the High Court with the decision upholding the earlier ruling.

July 23, 2008

Government Crackdown On Travel Expenses

The Government has begun its crackdown on what it views as 'widespread abuse' of travel expenses by some umbrella companies and employment agencies.



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Formed by industry experts covering all aspects of the temporary labour market, Omega2 provide market leading support and advice for all aspects of labour use.

Omega2 provide advice and support to many of the leading FTSE companies. Our advice is both independent and respected. The company provide analysis, Board Level risk reports and practical solutions for issues at all levels of client companies.

Our analysis covers the full life cycle of your engagements with temporary labour including contractual, integration into permanent workforce and day-to-day interaction with permanent staff. This includes reviews of all points of interaction including suppliers, Human Resources Teams and taxation issues.

Having been involved in legislative consultations and parliamentary negotiation, our advice is based on both the knowledge gained from pre-testing legislation and a range of practical solutions honed on client projects.

Omega2 provide business briefings and keynote speakers at industry conferences.

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